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Medical Recycling Equipment Services

Medical equipment is a highly specialized area of waste management that requires adherence to a strict set of health and safety regulations and procedures outlined in the environment protection. Medical equipment recycling is a complex area of waste management whereby recycling practices and opportunities vary considerably depending on the type of waste at hand. We recycle medical equipment includes a number of different sub-types including pharmaceutical equipment .
X-ray machine removal before 2Medical equipment recycling is a complex one however there are strong opportunities for successful recycling practices in certain areas of this type of waste management. We work with hospitals and medical offices to properly remove and recycle their unwanted medical equipment and supplies.
X-ray machine removal before 1At Green Junk Removal & Recycling we take great pride in being the best value for your junk removal needs in Atlanta. We can formulate a comprehensive recycling solution to meet your needs, and can combine any services from our range of recycling service packages. We always try to recycle every item we pick up. Most of the charities and recycle places know us on a first name basis.

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