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Affordable Paper And Cardboard Recycling Service

paper and cardboard recycling1Green Junk Removal & Recycling provides paper and cardboard recycling services to businesses ranging from large corporations, along with small businesses with the most effective paper recycling program to maximize the companies revenue. We present to our clients a customized recycling program to enhance there companies.

For over many years, we have been passionate about helping our clients maximize there profits with there business.  We pride ourselves on providing affordable, friendly and reliable service. So if your business is overflowing with waste paper and cardboard that you want to get rid of with minimum fuss and expense, we can help.

So we have trained and instructed our entire crew to sort the items into what can be donated or recycled first and separate them from the trash. This we do at EVERY job and although it is more time consuming and cuts into our profit, we strongly believe it is the right thing to do.

Welcome Green Junk Removal !!!

Phone  :-  (404) 664-8933

More Information Visit Us :-  Industrial Equipment Removal and Recycling



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