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Medical Equipment Recycling | Green Junk Removal

X-ray machine removal before 2Removing the medical equipment needs special care. Green Junk Removal & Recycling has the efficient crew to assist the hospitals and medical offices to remove unwanted medical equipment and supplies and send that equipment for recycling. We can pick your any of the medical equipment like hospital beds, X-ray machines, wheelchairs, exercise equipment, utility carts, cardio equipment, treatment tables, IV Poles, medical carts, patient scales, Ultrasound machines, patient monitoring equipment, stretchers, laser equipment, digital imaging equipment, shower chairs, stair chairs, lift chairs, dental chairs, pumps, commodes, surgical operating tables etc. and will load it carefully into our larger capacity trucks.

Our medical equipment recycling solutions accepts used laboratory and medical equipment for resale or recycling. We will also provide a “proof of recycling” document to assure that your equipment has been properly disposed of.

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