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Industrial Equipment Removal and Recycling TUCKER, GA

IMG_20141119_141003093_20150314_150503-1Industrial equipment removal and recycling is usually one of those things that no one wants to deal with at the end of life. The equipment is large, heavy, and cumbersome. It usually gets put in the back of the property or darkest corner of the warehouse. Green Junk Removal & Recycling specializes in getting your old industrial equipment off of your premise, onto a truck, and diverted from landfill. We will put together a solution that encompasses on-site dismantling,blow torching, heavy moving equipment, logistics, and recycling. We can also supply certified destruction if your equipment is proprietary.

We provide you with the very latest in recycling equipment technology to upgrade recycling plants and add to profitability. Our wide range of industrial equipment removal and recycling services and cleaning solutions are designed to maintain your equipment and facilities in a safe, environmentally sustainable and responsible way.  So we have trained and instructed our entire crew to sort the items into what can be donated or recycled first and separate them from the trash.

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Phone : (404) 664-8933

Contact Us :  Workstation Cubicle Removal


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